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Cheryl and Caroline accidentYou may want to take a look at Cheryl and Caroline’s garden in my Gallery…… I just posted photos of it. It’s a garden with a dual purpose and in fact my design was tested just a couple weeks ago…….

I never thought about this until my client’s said we need you design a garden that will keep on coming traffic away from our house and out of our yard. Basically come up with a garden design that is both safe and sexy.

Well the result was this garden. It was my first use of gabion boxes and a whole lot of rocks. A few months passed and we, unlike the rest of the country, have been quite dry this winter. I was having a brunch on a Sunday at my house I wanted to show my friends something on my phone. I noticed a text and it said, well the gabions worked, here’s a car in our front yard.

You can’t imagine my elation and my concern that my design worked and essentially the box moved about 2 inches and we had to do some very minor touch up. Thank heavens!

This leads me to the project I am working on in San Carlos (Pictures will be posted). My client lives off a blind corner and between the 3 properties : my client and on either side of my them, 7 accidents have occurred in the last 12 years. All of them involved out of control cars slamming into their properties, taking out fences, lamp posts, telephone polls, cars, palm trees and yes, parts of their homes……. Yikes!

The day after I heard from Caroline and Cheryl, I was setting up my crews to start building these planter boxes we came up with as another solution to deter cars from coming into the bedrooms right off their quite shallow front yard when an accident happened…….

An out of control driver slammed into the property next door, took out a telephone poll and a their neighbor’s fence and car. Well this prompted us to reinforce the boxes with additional posts and substructure. I had already calculated that a yard of soil essentially weighs about 2ooo lbs. Each box has 7 yards of soil so we end up with about 14,000 lbs per box not including the actual boxes themselves. So we shall see how this goes…….

In closing, in this blog I want to encourage all of you home buyers out there to really take a look at the surrounding streets, possible places for traffic to go at high speeds and angles you may or may not have when backing out of your driveway. Consider all of these very impactful elements working together.

I never even thought about this problem, but 2 times in the last 8 months I have been asked to tackle safe and sexy as a design problem. I feel enlightened and blessed to be helping one family at a time rest easy at night.

Get into your Garden!

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