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Garden Clutter: What to do with it and how to avoid it!

Posted By on May 26, 2014 in Other Fun Information & My Blog | 0 comments

Many people acquire gifts from friends, you know the type: Orchids, tropicals, Easter Lillies that only bloom one time and then well, they stop looking pretty or fresh or worse yet they die. Or you get a jasmine plant on a wire arch in a pot and you’re like this is great and you put it in your kitchen then it looks like green vine with dried bits of toilet paper flowers on it and it’s no longer that cute so you put it outside. 

So all of these gifts and purchases end up landing in the garden for a variety of reasons predominately because you think you will reuse the pot or you can’t bare to get rid of the plant. Though well intended, the decision making process is all unrealistic and guilt driven. Just like one ought not to parent from guilt, one ought not to garden from guilt. 

A garden is a place where things change and grow, die and regenerate and all of this is acceptable. Sometimes we pick the wrong tree, but “it’s a living thing” and so we keep the tree, only to regret it as it get’s bigger and takes over. If you don’t like something, let it go…… it’s OK, to change your mind, don’t keep piling things up. Be strong, edit yourself. It’s OK if you don’t keep the gifts people have given you. You enjoyed them, and now it’s time to recycle them. 

Another clutter bug are small pots: They can accumulate in mass so easily. You know the ones I’m talking about, glazed, terra cotta, metal, wire baskets, moss bunnies, you name it you’ve got it. Come up with a plan that is driven by a time frame: Just get rid of them or, vow to plant them all up and give them away to friends as presents. If you aren’t going to pot them up and give them away within 30 days, that’s it, get rid of them.

Somethings look a bit awkward, but can be refurbished for a new fun look. I have a wonderful client, Rebeca, in San Carlos. She is “crafty” and has eclectic tastes so that means she had a lot of pieces in her garden which she and I edited down to a chosen few. One of the pieces she had didn’t really go with the new garden nor did it go with the new house color, charcoal grey. It’s a female statue, like a Venus holding a shallow bowl. It is a sentimental piece to her and so we kept it. We decided to paint it charcoal grey to match the house and we are going to play with the bowl and put a chartreuse Agave in it. So it’s reads classical and whimsical. It’s great!

I’ve talked about how to arrange plantings, but I just want to briefly mention that the size of plants you install, can also appear cluttered if you have all the same size in a planting bed. Always define the space using high in the back, medium in the middle and low in he front. Most importantly look at the tag on the plant bucket and make certain you know the final size the plant will be so that you don’t end up overwhelming or underwhelming the space. So to reinterate, pick various sizes of plants to avoid a cluttered look.

Get Into Your Garden!

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