Contact Information: 415.298.2279

My name is Juliana Rauch and I am the owner of Terra Rubina. I focus on Modern Mediterranean gardens. Think succulents, traditional Mediterranean perennials, some Australian and African natives and an occasional Palm or Olive thrown in there. I design low water usage gardens that need a maintenance visit about 4 times a year to keep them happy and healthy.  As you browse my gallery, you may find some gardens reaching beyond that style, but people often ask me about my style so that’s what I say when I am asked.

You will find that I mention this over and over again in my site, but really, my primary goal is to get you and or your family outside in your own private space. I consider the garden core to our living here in California. It’s so essential that I once had a client that said she bought an apartment building, yes the building, because she wanted the tenants to be able to garden outside even though they lived in San Francisco.

I talk a lot about the design process in my “design” page, but really, it’s so important to really dream big about what you want, because it’s your garden! My job is to pull out of you what you don’t know you like. Help you define what you really need, but beyond that, it’s so personal and that’s why I really consider myself a garden boutique. I am not a company with 20 crews running multiple jobs, I am running your job and I like it that way. I typically run 2 jobs at a time, but no more than that. I am a “hand holder” and I am really excited about working on your project. It’s not just another project for me it’s my heart.

My first job in landscaping, about 20 years ago, was pulling ivy off an exterior church wall on California Street in San Francisco. If you can believe it, I even loved that and was so thankful that I was hired to do the job, but really there was so much more that got me to that point. The short version involved hoping the universe would send me a sign of what I should do with my life while I was on a white water rafting trip down the Colorado River, when I got home. About 30 days later, I was asked by a co-worker to get involved with a community garden on the corner of Dolores and 18th Street in San Francisco (It’s no longer there). I said that I couldn’t imagine myself being helpful because I knew nothing, I mean nothing about gardening. She begged me on the pretense that “I’m good with people.” So, I agreed and fell IN LOVE with dirt, and the fresh air and growing things and seeing plants change and morph and bloom. I was hooked! Eventually I went back to school at night, begged people to let me practice what I learned in my construction and irrigation classes on the weekends and finally gave my notice at my old job and 2 weeks later was pulling ivy off that wall.

So it’s been a 22 year journey. I am so thankful and humbled by everything I’ve experienced and have fallen in love with my clients who let me get them outside.