Design: To form or conceive of in the mind or especially to plan the form and structure of an outdoor space and really that’s all it is.

I am able to meet with you at your property or jobsite to discuss your project.

To prepare: Imagine you had no budget or limitations, what would you be doing in your garden? How would you like to spend time in it (BBQing, playing with your children, playing with your dog, entertaining friends, dining outside, watching a movie, hot tubbing)?As you pull into your driveway, what do you want to see? What colors do you like? What shapes do you find yourself drawn to? Linear, curvilinear, minimalistic, formal, lush, simple, open space?

If you can, snap some photos, take a look at or Pinterest and pull images that you are drawn to so you can show me your inspirations. Conversely, you don’t have to do a thing. In fact sometimes my clients know only what they don’t care for and that’s OK too.

The process of imagining your space should be fun, but don’t be overwhelmed by it. When I visit, we will spend 1 hour together and I will empty my brain of anything I can think of at that time. This hour will get you excited by possibilities and from there many options will be discussed.

Fee: This site visit is $250.00. It is applicable to further design work, installation, renovation or any other future work we will be working on together. It is payable at the end of our visit.

What happens next: I will leave our consultation and come up with the best approach to address your needs. Sometimes this will require a full-fledged design plan other times we go right into installation. Sometimes we need to design part of the garden, but need only renovate another part. I am all about getting you into your garden and my goal is to get you there, as efficiently and economically as possible.

Maintenance: The act of caring for your gardens in such a way as to produce a healthy and robust outdoor environment

I believe that unless you have a high maintenance garden which would typically be an English or French garden with a lot of flowering perennials and annuals, then really, a quarterly maintenance visit is fine. This has by the way nothing to do with the size of the garden. I say this because irrigation problems, insect or fungus problems and fertilizer programs can all be arrested and or addressed quarterly. Often times, a small program can become a big problem if it’s not caught through thorough maintenance.

My maintenance visits consist of pruning, cutting back, relocating, deadheading, and fertilizing plants and small trees and checking/adjusting the irrigation. I also replace mulch, decomposed granite and top off gravel as needed when it’s been blown away.

Without exception, my client’s that have lawn also have a lawn care professional that comes weekly to mow and blow the property which are things I don’t do. So I serve as a compliment to your lawn care professional.

Fees: $85.00 per hour for maintenance plus debris removal and fertilizers or snail bait those kind of items.

Renovation: Taking queues from the “bones” of the garden and either bringing plants back to health that are worth saving and/or using those queues and introducing new plant material that supports the overall “bones” of the garden

Renovation is much like the combination of design and maintenance. It’s not as complicated as new design, but it can involve unraveling why a certain area of the garden isn’t doing well. Usually it has to do with compacted soil, irrigation problems, and the wrong plants. The goal is always to solve the problem and get the area to look they way you want it to look.

Fees: $85.00 per hour plus plants and any misc. mulch, or ammendment or fertilizers and debris removal

Consultation: Acting on your behalf to offer professional advice to something or someone

Sometimes I am asked to function as a Consultant because the home owner doesn’t feel confident managing the various contractors on site and landscaping isn’t in the wheel house of expertise.

I have supervised everything from irrigation and lighting repair to removing trees to installing pavers, drainage and the like. Just let me know, I am here to help and sometimes it’s worth a few extra dollars to know that I have you back and I am the person (the only person) you have to hold accountable.

Fees: $100.00 per hour. 2 hour minimum. The fees are based on the requirements of the project which are wide ranging.

Please know that no project is too small so keep me in mind if you are at all concerned about whom you’ve hired, another pair of eyes maybe a very good investment.